How To Shoot Winning Videos Out & About In The Spring Sunshine

Mar 24, 2023

Everyone wants to make the most of the sunshine this week. The blue skies and cherry blossoms are great shooting inspiration.

If you are going out shooting, here are three top tips that should help to make your smartphone shooting super easy.

Grab Great Sound

If you are shooting chats out and about, then remember to put the wind soc on your microphone. This can make a massive difference to the quality of the chat, and it’s not hard to do. If in doubt, always put it on!

If you have got sound issues when you play your chat back, then check out my blog on noise reducing apps that can help with any problems.

Click here to read the blog

Shoot The Details

If your phone needs some extra help with capturing close up details, then do think about getting a macro lens. There are plenty of cheap clip on ones you can grab online and have a play with.

If you like this style of shooting, you can look at investing in a more professional macro lens. These can either clip over your lens or screw easily into a camera case on your smartphone.

These lenses are ideal for outdoor shooting as great light gives them extra help to do their job really well.

Don’t Forget Your Portable Charger

I know it sounds basic, but if you’re shooting more than usual or shooting in 4K, your battery is going to be working harder. Do make sure you always have a portable charger to hand.

I always leave one in my car ready to go! You never know when you are going to spot something unexpected to shoot, or you get the chance to record an extra chat with a great contributor.

You don’t want to miss anything due to battery life. None of us need the extra stress!

I’d love to see what you’re shooting – send me a message!

I’ve seen some really impressive shooting so far this week from previous clients, we love seeing all your work.

Happy shooting everyone!

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