Want a quick insider top tip on how to use noise reducing apps?

Feb 3, 2023

Many clients have been asking me about whether the latest noise reducing apps are any good?

If you are shooting any kind of smartphone video content, these apps are something that we could all do with in our back pocket in case of emergencies!!

Everyone has had a sound issue at some point!

Have you ever recorded a chat and some unexpected noise happens halfway through a great soundbite?

Have you ever shot on location and then when you got home and played your video back, you can’t believe how terrible the noise was?

Have you ever shot a chat with an industry expert or key opinion leader at an event where you knew the sound was not perfect, but it was the only chance you had, and the background noise is ruining your content?

Well, help is at hand, my friends!

Noise reducing apps are not 100% magic, BUT they are getting better all the time and are def worth a try.

The Krisp app has recently been tried out by me and my team, and we’ve had some good results.

It was made as a computer app to record meetings on with no noise, but it’s now proving really popular with video creators as you can upload your video onto it and take out the extra noise.

The bore with this app is that you do have to upload it onto your computer, but Krisp say they are working on a phone app right now, so we will keep you updated on that.

Meantime, other noise reducing apps worth trying are

DeNoise for iOS devices

Neutralizer for android devices

Let me know how you get on cleaning up your sound!

Happy shooting everyone!

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