Top Three Smartphone Video Accessories That Won’t Break The Bank

Mar 3, 2023

Spring is in the air, and with it comes a quick look at three smartphone accessories we think are useful for shooting out and about.

I always say that you are better adding some key accessories to an existing phone than rushing out and buying the latest device.

Your smartphone will be totally capable of shooting really great footage, the key is to work out what content you want to shoot and nail the best accessories to help you create what you want the easy way.

1. Lenses

The smartphone lenses market is growing all the time, but we still think ShopMoment make the best smartphone lenses out there. These are not cheap, but they are worth investing in if you have a phone you want to keep, as they sell lenses that clip into a case for your device.

It means you are not having to fiddle around with clip on lenses when you are out and about, and the quality of these lenses make them a stand-out add on for your kit. The cases are sturdy and well-made, and you can keep them on your smartphone when not using the lenses.

The ShopMoment lenses are made of metal and glass like professional camera kit and come with a lens cap for storage when not on your case. They really do a great job if you can afford to invest, and they are currently running an early spring sale.

2. Smartphone Video Kit Bag

Top three

Our search continues for the perfect kit bag for smartphone shooters, most camera bags are aimed at professional camera crew and are too large to lug around with just our paired down smartphone kit.

This Baigio one is our current favourite, as it is reasonably priced, waterproof, shockproof, and we find it is a useful size. It is also a messenger back that can be worn cross-body style which is useful when you are busy, and it has zippers and dividers that make it easy to find whatever bit of kit you are looking for. It comes in 3 colours, usually retails for under £25 and until we find our ultimate perfect camera bag this will most definitely do!

3. Powerbank Chargers

Top three smartphone video accessories that won’t break the bank: powerbank chargers

When you are out and about shooting, you want a charger that is totally reliable. There are tons of chargers out there, but for smartphone shooting, especially if you are shooting in 4k, you want one that will charge fast and that is not too heavy. Anker is a reliable name in the field and this portable charger is good value. We’ve tried out tons of chargers and although this one is not that stylish or the lightest, it gets our vote as we really value its reliability.

This one works for android and iPhones and has never let us down. It is a bit heavy for your pocket, but it comes with a soft carry case and for under £50 it provides peace of mind on every shoot.

If you have any favourite accessories, do drop us a line and let us know what is working for you. Meantime, we will continue to test everything we can get our hands, so you know that when we make a recommendation to you, we have tested it out on our shoots.

Happy shooting everyone!

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