Three Top Video Ideas You Can Shoot & Post Right Now

Apr 14, 2023

Happy April!

April 1st marks the first quarter of the year being done and dusted. Many clients have told me this week that they still feel they’re behind with their video ideas.

I know many of you find your new year video resolutions have flagged a bit. If you have got to spring and are still feeling like you don’t have any video inspiration – don’t worry, I am here to help!

Below are three easy smartphone video ideas you can shoot this week. I promise they won’t take up too much time!

All three video styles are doing well with engagement online, so just pick one of these video ideas and let’s get a video up there!! Job done.

Video Idea Number One – A Re-introduction Video

Length should be 1–2 minutes

An easy win here – think about doing a video update to reintroduce yourself.

Your products or services have probably changed a bit since you did your first original “meet me video” or maybe you have never posted a video, either way this will work.

  • Think about how to reintroduce yourself that’s relevant and fresh
  • Talk about what is really important in your business right now
  • What information could you update?
  • Think about creating content chat for existing clients…
  • … And content chat that will be inspiring for new visitors.

The key is to explain your expertise and the unique benefits of what you are offering.

Video Idea Number Two – A Subject Matter Video
Length should be 60 seconds

Three Top Video Ideas You Can Shoot & Post Right Now - a subject matter video

Subject matter videos are a big thing right now

A subject matter video is basically a marketing video, where you drum home your subject matter – genius!!

Whatever your area – a coach, a fitness expert, a chef or a marketing guru – you just need to show you know what you’re talking about and reinforce your expertise.

Some clients are shooting these as talking head videos, and others have adapted the subject matter video to be a quick guide or tutorial about a service. It really is up to you how you choose to showcase your authority but make sure it’s no longer than one minute.

Remember to include all your accomplishments in cogent sound bites and one skill you value that you think sets you apart.

Cut in some B roll or stills of you in action, or do your chat whilst demonstrating your expertise.

If you can’t fit it all into 60 seconds, think about doing a series. They are a really popular way to promote a brand or business right now.

Video Idea Number Three – A Problem Solver Video
Length 1–2 minutes

Three Top Video Ideas You Can Shoot & Post Right Now - a problem solver video

The key to shooting a great problem solver video is to remember who your ideal client is. The key is to make your script all about your potential client and not all about you.

Sometimes we are so excited to be sharing a new offer or service, and we start our video with a statement about ourselves – “My brand-new course for smartphone video is on offer right now” or “I’ve just created a series of 10 Free Videos to help get you started”.

For a problem solver video to work, you need to remember to turn it around – “You can shoot professional smartphone videos in just one day” or If you’re new to video, my Free Insider Secrets guide gets you started today with no extra kit needed”.

Remember, clients want to know how your video can solve their problems, so that’s the focus at all times.

Do You Need More Help?

I am working on a PDF right now with 100 smartphone video ideas you can use for your business.

This will keep you going through the year, so just drop me a message on LinkedIn – and I will send it over to you just as soon as I have finished it.

Happy shooting everyone!

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