The Smart Guide To Vertical Videos

Dec 2, 2022

Make the most of vertical video, especially on your social media!

Have you noticed it’s a really popular trend right now? It’s everywhere!

It seems marketers are having a moment with vertical video, realising how it fills up the screen and keeps attention on content. It’s popular on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, so why not join in!

Vertical video can also go up on YouTube and LinkedIn as stories.

Vertical video can now fit the main Instagram feed, it’s the size you need for an Instagram story or a reel and also TikTok, Snapchat and Twitter fleets, so you can repurpose quite well.

Why Should We Care About Vertical Video?

82% of us hold our smartphones upright when we are scrolling through our content feed (even when we’re on YouTube) so vertical video is proving to be very valuable. It gives you the extra space to own the screen when you post – perfect when your viewers are on a mobile device!

The more of the screen you take up, the more success you should get, especially getting them to stop the scroll and keep their attention on your video.

Vertical videos are also currently generating higher shares than traditional horizontal videos. More shares equals more eyes on your videos, so let’s join in!

Apps For Vertical Video

If you want to have a go at doing some vertical videos, here are three apps that can help


You can shoot vertical videos, do burned in captions and add in clickable links. It allows you to shrink or stretch out your video, and you can buy a small number of minutes to see if you like it before committing to more expense.



This offers a bit more for video editing, you can alter the speed, add music – pretty much whatever you want! This is a great app as a simple way to start.



An easy tool to make good stories. It makes it very easy to edit together a few clips, add your titles and transitions and it also has a pretty good music library.


Happy vertical shooting and let me know how you get on!

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