My Top 5 Christmas Music Tracks To Use This Year

Dec 9, 2022

Everyone is manic right now, so here’s a quick Christmas music win this week.

If you are making Christmas videos or just need to perk up some existing video content to make it feel more festive, then here are my current top 5 seasonal favourites.

Pond5 Media

They all come from No one wants to be spending money on a monthly tie-up or subscription plan, so you can go ahead and buy them as individual tracks.

If it is your first purchase with them, use the code HELLO20 to get a discount of 20%.

I don’t have a deal with Pond5, I just happen to think that their festive selection is pretty good and the prices work for me too.

My Top 5 Christmas Music Tracks

Top 5 Christmas Tracks to use for your smartphone videos 2022

Click the titles below to be taken straight to the track

This Is Christmas

(2:59mins) – £13

Deck The Halls

(1:09mins) – £13

Christmas Happy Music

(1:38mins) – £18

Christmas Tree

(9.46mins) – £29

Christmas Holiday Party

(1:26mins) – £21

The same Christmas music can be used every year, so the investment in a track or two is definitely worth it!

If you want to know the best websites for getting free music for any of your smartphone videos, make sure you check out this blog post – Music Made Easy

Don’t forget to let us know how you are getting on with your festive shooting – send me an email here

Happy Listening, My Friends!

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