How To Look Your Best On Camera During The Winter Months

Jan 13, 2023

Making sure you look your best on camera in the middle of dull old January can feel a bit too much of an effort!

Remember, whether you’re shooting videos or in online meetings, it’s worth making sure people can see you clearly!


Lighting to look your best on camera during winter months

We have been trying out the Big Softi light for shooting some smartphone videos from home and I have to say… so far so good!

This light has been developed by an Australian cameraman, and his aim was to take the principles of the big soft lights developed by cinematographers that are used on film sets. Big Softi is a small portable LED light that delivers diffused lighting that can be used on all smartphone devices.

It costs £75, so it is not the cheapest out there, but there is currently a 15% discount on offer.

As always, I would point out I have no affiliation with the company. I just make sure that all the great kit my team and I try out is passed on to you!

Look your best on camera

Look your best on camera during winter months

However good your lights, it can be hard to look your best right now with dull days and post Christmas blues. If you are struggling to look healthy and happy on camera right now, there are a few products that will give you a new year boost.

Jones Road Beauty Lip and Cheek Stick

Jones Road Beauty add a healthy glow without making your look too heavy. The Lip and Cheek Stick comes in 8 shades for £30.50 with a 10% discount on first purchases.

Apply with a brush or your fingers. I give it extra marks for not feeling greasy or sticky, and it lasts for a whole video shoot.

Tower 28 Multi-Purpose “BeachPlease” Luminous Tinted Balm

Another US brand that is doing well with video makers for on screen cover is Tower 28. This is an LA based vegan brand who create versatile and glow-giving staples that bring the California sun to your look. I’m certainly craving a bit of a Malibu moment right now!

Stocked in the UK by Cult Beauty, you can currently get 15% off your first purchase.

The multi-purpose BeachPlease Luminous Tinted Balm is designed for lips and cheeks, goes on seamlessly and delivers a sun-kissed glow that helps you feel camera confident.

This balm works on all skin types and is a firm favourite amongst sensitive guys and gals. It comes in 5 colours and costs £18.50.

Nudestix Nudies Bloom

Nudestix products are known for creating natural, “no makeup” makeup looks which translate well onto camera. The Canadian company is run by a mother and daughter team offering a range of multi-functional products for eyes, lips and face. All the products also come in an eco-friendly black tin!

The Nudies Bloom is a multitasking blush that the makers claim is the perfect glow me up! Designed to be used with a colour block on one end and a make up brush on the other, it adds sheer colour and a healthy glow.

It can be used on eyes, lip and cheeks so is a really good multitasker with staying power. 

Get it in 7 shades for £25.10.

Let me know how you get on with your January shooting.

Sometimes just showing up deserves a big pat on the back. This week, you get a big Smartphone Video virtual well done from me!

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