How To Get Your Voice Sounding Perfect For Recording Your Videos

May 5, 2023

Sounding good on your videos is just as important as looking great.

So many people hate the sound of their own voice, but it is something you get used to in time.

Meanwhile, try to do all you can to sound great on every video you shoot with these exercises.

  • Take Time To Warm Up Your Voice, try:
  • Humming
  • Tongue trills
  • Lip buzzing
  • Loosening your jaw by opening your mouth as wide as possible then very slowly closing it
  • Take some deep breaths before you start
  • Massage your neck and throat to loosen any tense muscles
  • Avoid tea or coffee with milk in it – go for a herbal or ginger tea with honey

Humming and lip trills are the most common way to get your facial muscles ready to record. These improve your vocal tone quality and are basically the noise you used to make as a child, imitating the sound of a car or aeroplane. You can do your voice warm-ups in the shower! Professional voice over artists and broadcasters often do this. The humidity helps your throat, vocal folds and more.

How To Get Your Voice Sounding Perfect For Recording Your Videos: do the exercises!

Try to do five of these next exercises before you press record:

  • Close your mouth
  • Support the corners of your mouth with your fingertips
  • Relax your lips
  • Start with a little buzz when you exhale
  • If you can’t get going, concentrate on relaxing your lips

Tongue Twisters

Next step is to pick a tongue twister or run through them all!

  • What time does the wristwatch strap shop shut?
  • No need to light a nightlight on a light night like tonight
  • Four furious friends fought for the first phone fiercely
  • Any noise annoys an oyster, but a noisy noise annoys an oyster most
  • Someone said something simple, a simple something said to me. Simply simple someone said, a simple something said to me

You Can Have A Great Voice!

How To Get Your Voice Sounding Perfect For Recording Your Videos on your smartphone

Having a good voice for video is key for success.
Remember, your audience make a judgement as soon as they hear you speak.

They can judge:

Where you are from
How confident you sound
How educated they think you are
They decide if they think you are worth listening to
They can hear if you are positive or if you are uncertain with your message
And they pick up on whether they are going to trust what you say
So it is REALLY worth getting your voice just right

If you do have an accent, then that can be a really positive thing – these days it is all about being your authentic self.

If you think your accent is going to be hard to understand, then just make sure you caption your content so that no one is missing key info.

Always speak positively. If you smile while you talk, it really helps lift your chat.

Don’t speak too quickly, as it makes you sound nervous – do try to keep an even pitch at all times.

Doing some voice work is never a waste of time if you are doing video chats for your business!

As one of the top USA voice coaches, Roger Love says:
“A voice improvement is a life improvement”

Happy confident shooting everyone!

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