How To Get Great Client Testimonials On Video To Promote Your Business

May 26, 2023

We all know that client testimonials are key for promoting our businesses. But so many business owners tell me that they feel asking clients for them, especially when it comes to video.

I have found that the key to getting great video client testimonials is to make it as EASY as you possibly can. This definitely ups your chances of them saying yes!

First-hand experiences of your product or service come across as more authentic and compelling when on video. They are much more powerful than in writing.

We can’t just ask a customer for a review and then leave them to it – you need to assist and produce these videos properly.

Take some time to plan exactly what type of testimonial you need and how you can help your client create this.

Three Ways To Get Great Client Testimonials

3 Ways To Get Great Client Testimonials On Video To Promote Your Business

#1: Interview and shoot in person:

If you are located near some of your clients, offer to meet them for a relaxed interview, which you can film and edit.

#2: Video interviews:

Jump on Zoom with your clients and record your chat. Interview them with pre-prepared questions (you can give these to your client in advance) and then edit yourself out of the final video. If needed, you can add your questions as text on the video to provide context.

#3: Help your client to shoot their own:

Send your clients this link which is my Insider Secrets to Scroll-Stopping Smartphone Video Series where I give advice on how to get started with smartphone shooting and share some tips on how to feel camera confident fast.

This guide should help your clients deliver you a winning chat, and also help you feel confident about shooting more content yourself!

Quick Tips To Remember

>> Do reassure your customer that you want them to look good! They are doing you a favour and that needs respect. You could send them a mobile light or a clip on microphone as a thank you which also ensures that they look and sound their best on screen for your film.

>> Remember that many people are camera shy – so they will need encouragement to get in front of their smartphone camera for you and your business!

>> Make sure you reassure your clients that you wont post anything without them seeing it first. They get the final say to sign off their content.

>> Your aim is to make them feel secure not nervous at all times – keep that in mind!

The Key Content For A Winning Testimonial

How To Get Great Client Testimonials On Video To Promote Your Business: the key ingredient for a winning testimonial

Questions to ask your client:

  • What would you say to a new potential client?
  • What was your expectation of the product/service?
  • How did it exceed your expectations?
  • How was your journey using the product/service?
  • What problem did the product/service fix for them?
  • Why would you recommend the product/service to others?

Quick Tips:

Keep your video testimonials simple and watchable. Your chat needs to be pacy, so short bullet points are key.

Think about adding in some key shots of your product/service or some text for visual interest. Captions are essential for all videos – don’t forget those!

Make sure your videos are under a minute, and remember that 75% of all digital content will be viewed on a mobile. Plan to shoot this in the aspect ratios and lengths that work for the social media platforms you use for your business. I’ve got a helpful blog with all the ratios here.

Customer testimonials don’t have to be perfect. Potential clients want to see real people with real opinions. So don’t be afraid to let these videos be as organic as possible – the best customer testimonials are conversational, not tightly scripted!

What To Do With Your Client Testimonials

Once you have a fantastic client testimonial video, don’t waste it! Here are some ideas…

  • Put it on your website homepage, product/service page or a dedicated review page
  • Add it to your advertising material
  • Share it on your company LinkedIn page
  • Repurpose their words as written quotes for social posts or on your blog
  • Create a case study to share on your website or in client pitches
  • Read them on your podcast

Branded testimonials make even more impact. Add the footage into a video template – Vimeo and Canva have a huge amount where you can edit the video and add branding, logos and text.

Hope this has helped with planning some winning content everyone!

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