Black Friday Deals On Smartphone Video Kit

Nov 25, 2022

If you want to take advantage of all the Black Friday deals out there and need some bargains for your smartphone video kit bag, then here are our TOP THREE money saving tips for Black Friday smart shopping.



The Jobi gorilla tripod range is a big favourite with my crew and with clients who shoot outdoors. These are well-made sturdy tripods that can also act as a desk top tripod as well as being really useful when shooting outdoors. We have had them wrapped round tree branches, car wing mirrors, cross-country fences, the side of boats, round a ski pole, on tractors, trust me they do the job.

Get a Grip Tight for £36.37 right now and save 35%


Smartphone Lenses

However flash your smartphone, you are limited in what you can shoot by the built-in lens. Basically, a bigger lens means you can capture more detail in your shots and shoot more dramatic footage. We love Moment as they are the best lenses we have come across for bumping up your smartphone camera’s capabilities.
They also sell cases so that you can easily screw in the lens you want and means no more clip on options that can be fiddly. They have a full up-to-date range for all the latest smartphone models and are running up to 60% off over Black Friday.

Shop the deals here…


Start with a U rig

The Ulanzi U rig is the accessory we recommend to clients starting out as it adds stability to all your shots and will accommodate every size of smartphone. They are sturdy and as you progress you can screw them into a tripod, you can add lights and microphones to them and honestly me and my whole team have nothing negative to say about them at all. A seriously good buy and currently £16.78 down from £20.98 on Amazon.

Buy U rig here…

Happy Bargain Shopping, My Friends!

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