5 Top Tips To Get Camera Confident The Easy Way

Apr 28, 2023

Don’t let camera confidence stop you from making videos for your business!

I was out filming the other day with some great talent at a top London Business Management Consultancy. These guys are at the top of their game, and they know their stuff, but when that red camera light record went on, and we started to turn over. Let’s just say they have a good stock of out-takes for the Christmas video!

In all my years of working in TV and video, I think I have met about three people who were truly natural TV presenters. This is a skill that takes time to get right.

If camera confidence is stopping you from creating content to promote your brand or business, then I hope these five starter tips can help.

1. Rehearse

Get used to hearing your own voice and seeing yourself on camera.

Some relaxed ways to film yourself are:

  • In the car, record yourself talking about your journey
  • Get in the kitchen and film yourself talking about what you are cooking
  • Go on a walk and chat about what you are seeing out and about

Just start making 30-second videos that no one is going to see but you. It’s the best way to get used to your voice and how you come across on camera.

2. Location

Think about where you could record your first videos. If you don’t have a perfect shooting space, don’t let that be a reason to stops you.

Use cinematic mode if you have a Samsung phone, or portrait mode on an iPhone, to shoot with the blur or bokeh effect. This will make any area look professional enough for your recordings.

If you have an older iPhone, try downloading the Focos Live app to help you out.

3. Wardrobe

Choose something to wear that makes you feel confident. You only need something for your top half if you are recording a talking head video, but do choose something that makes you look professional.

Be aware, shooting on camera looks good with nice clean lines. I always recommend a dark jacket to make life easy. It’s also flattering for bigger boobs or disguising a tummy, and if you use a clip on microphone, it will hide it nicely.

4. Script

A script is essential! Mixing up words or forgetting what to say is often what trips people up when making a video.

If you don’t know what to say, just keep it simple until you build up your camera confidence.

15 Seconds: A short intro, your name and what you do

10 Seconds: Two bullet points

15 Seconds: A short punchy outro and CTA

That should bring it in under a minute and give you a buffer for an end board.

5. Recording

Give yourself plenty of time to get confident. This is not something you want to hurry. Plan out enough time to do your filming in a quiet space with nothing to distract you.

Something will always go wrong. Remember to check your battery storage, clean your lens and put your phone on flight mode – you don’t want any interruptions.

For your first go, it will take as long as it takes. Congratulate yourself for giving this a go!

Want more tips to nail your first video? Read my Lifesaving Shooting Basics blog here

Happy confident shooting everyone!

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